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Search engine optimization is one of the most cost effective forms of advertising available in the modern world.  This gives you the ability to show up for the people who are looking for your product and skills.


With todays current climate if your site is not mobile ready you are probably severely missing out.  Just think how many people search on their portable device and make the call even before finding their way to a traditional computer.  This is a big time development that many companies are missing out on.


With todays visually driven society if your website, print media, illustrations, and advertising is not visually appealing people will most likely assume you are out of business or behind the times!

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Cookeville, TN Design News

Right from the beginning it was apparent how serious Atlantis takes their business serious.  With quality service extending even up into Kentuky and offering impressive Lifetime Warranty on their work we knew this is a company that takes their business serious.  Then as we began to work with them this proved to be true.  They found us after one of the large website design and SEO companies were not delivering the kind of results that Atlantis has come to expect.  Within a short amount of time of being with us their results were amazing.  They saw extreme improvements in their websites ranking and a newly redesigned site.

Owens needed a site build to reflect the caliber of company they are. They now have a big bold site that is intuitive on everything from a phone to a traditional computer. This site uses big bold colors to batch the flavor and feel of this company. This Murfreesboro, TN Roofing Company has offices both in Tennessee and Illinois.  Their site is simple, clean, and to the point.  We like the fact that video was implemented into their homepage to give their customers a better idea of the quality of service that they deliver.  Often times videos are a great way to get potential customers engaged, informed, and interested.

Matthew Belcher of Belcher Insurance company asked us to design a new website for his business in Cookeville, TN and was quite pleased with his results. He received a very inviting site for his customers giving them both information and useful tips. As part of the design concept, we kept things fresh, friendly, and professional looking. This is a good approach to stick with to not only retain customers, but bring in new customers as well. You will notice on this website we use a lot of white space and color which makes the site feel nice and clean as well as pleasing to the eye. Of course with the nature of the business we held on to a strong sense of professionalism.

Medical Billing Website:This project was to build a new website for Medial Billing Concepts in Alpine, TN, that would be an update and upgrade from their previous site. Medical Billing Concepts is geared to help doctors obtain quicker results when they bill insurance companies. Constant updates and changes to paperwork by insurance companies can make it difficult for doctors to get paid. Medical Billing Concepts is the doctor’s secret to get the results they need– payment, so they can focus their attention on what matters most–the patient. To view the site, click on the following link. Medical Billing Concepts USA

Crossville, TN Website Design
for Tim Wyatt Construction
. This website was created to introduce Tim Wyatt Construction to customers outside of Crossville. Many people know the quality of Tim Wyatt’s work in the middle TN area, but others who are moving into this region may not have heard or know of his work. This new website for Tim was formatted to work not only on computers and laptops, but also on smart phones, iPads, and other media. Everyone who has seen this site has commended it. Thank you, Tim, for letting us help you market your business. To view his site, click on the following link. Tim Wyatt | Crossville Home Builder

Drum Lesson Website in Chicago for Dylan Andrews. Dylan had approached Allan Hawkins Design to make his website strong in the large city of Chicago, Illinois. He had seen other SEO Top Page Result Web projects AHDS had created for customers in Nashville and other areas in Tennessee. Dylan wanted us to do the same for his drum lesson web site.Dylan is a studio drummer and a great drum lesson teacher in the windy city of Chicago. His current website looked good and drew customers once people found it, but his site was not coming up at the top of the search page. Allan Hawkins Design Services has helped Dylan’s current drummer website to start climbing to the top page. DylanAndrewsDrummer.com

Jamestown, Tennessee Website Award
The national headquarters of Ace Hardware has put my client (Potters Ace of Jamestown, TN) in their national newsletterfor their website design that was created and hosted by Allan Hawkins design services. The newsletter credits Potters Ace (click here to view) in Jamestown, Tennessee for the internet marketing of the web site as well as the design and functionality. Potters Ace is a great hardware store that makes getting what you need easy and fast.Potters Ace has great monthly sales. You can view their monthly PDF sales flyer by going to the Potters Ace web site. I like Potters Ace because it is so easy to find what you need quickly. You don’t have to walk through a large parking lot and then search a large hardware and/or department store for hardware items. Potters Ace knows that your time is valuable and their prices are very reasonable.

Custom Website for Bellis Concrete Construction in Cookeville, TN. Click Here for more information on this exciting project. Bellis has a good name in this area of Tennessee for all kinds of residential and commercial concrete work. Their pricing is very reasonable. Bellis Concrete is certified as a TDOT concrete contractor and a “TN DrugFree Workplace.” Call Bellis Concrete for a quote for home or business project (any type and size). BellisConcrete.com

Engrafted Word Church in Cookeville_TN
Church Web Redesign forEngrafted Word Church located in Cookeville, TN. This website was setup to work faster than the previous site. This new site was constructed to help inform people of the church’s background, location, and events, as well as mission trips. The website also incorporates the podcasting of services. This feature is helpful for people who live outside of the Cookeville area and want to hear a service whether they are in another state or around the world. To view the site, click on the following link. EngraftedWord.org – Engrafted Word Church

Furniture Web Site Design for Stephen Daniel Editions located in Cookeville, TN. This website was constructed as a virtual catalog of the furniture produced at their facilities in Cookeville, TN. Thankfully, Stephen Daniel Editions is one of the remaining furniture companies that can truly say “Made in the USA.” Their website introduces the company and informs customers how they can purchase high quality furniture for wholesale cost. Anyone can customize or even create their own furniture. The reviews for this site have been very positive. To see it for yourself, click on the following link.

Video for Web and Trade Shows has just been completed. This project worked out to be one minute and fifty one seconds long for VT Halter. This video shows a little over 30 vessels being launched over the last 10 years. If you have ever seen an ocean vessel being launched (big or small), it is quite interesting and makes for some good entertainment. The voice over for this project turned out to be just what was needed. I will see about having this clip to be shown on my site once approval has been given. If your company would like a video for a web site, trade show or TV commercial, just call for a quote.

Decal Design for a Nashville, TN company. This decal is created as a free handout for customers at various trade shows throughout the world. This design was produced with two ink colors on a brushed silver material. The adhesive on the back is a type that is strong enough to endure the outdoor placement for any vehicle.

Arrow_Target_Web-133Web SEO (Search Engine Optimazation)

Getting Websites up on the TOP page
What good is a web site if no one sees it? Not only can we create and design a functioning web site, but one that will get traffic to it. This is part of the build itself for a website. Making sure that the pages are setup for best use of search engines for the internet. This last year alone, over 1,684,245 web page hits were counted up for my customers.

Over 228 Customers… and still counting.

Thanks to all our customers over the years. Can’t tell you how that this means to me and the team. What is amazing is that most of my new clients are brought to me from my existing design relationships with the current customers. It is good that people are saying and liking what I do than the other way around.

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• Cookeville, TN • Algood, TN • Baxter, TN • Sparta, TN • Spencer, TN • Monterey, TN
• Jamestown, TN • Crossville, TN • Gainesboro, TN • Rickman, TN
• Livingston, TN • Nashville, TN • Knoxville, TN
When first starting out on my own as a designer, I basically just worked with customers in my local area of Cookeville, TN. As my business grew and word had gotten out from wonderful referrals, my cliental started reaching to other cities and counties of Tennessee. I am thankful to have customers throughout middle TN and now to other states and even other countries.



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